Informant leads police to Marmaduke meth operation

MARMADUKE, Ark. – An investigation spanning several months in Greene County has led to a suspected drug enterprise meeting its end.

Lindsey B. Ingram, 30, of Marmaduke, is facing felonies for: delivery of meth (three charges), use of a communication device (three charges), distribution near certain facilities (three charges), a felony paraphernalia charge and a felony possession charge.

Stanley Edward Carter, 54, of Paragould, is facing felony charges for possession of meth and meth paraphernalia.

Patricia Lea White, 61, of Rector, faces a felony charge for possession of meth.

Christopher M. Massey, 44, of Piggott, faces a misdemeanor charge for possessing instruments of crime.

The investigation began on July 27, 2018, when Captain Mike Ryles was speaking with a source who would become a confidential informant. The source said Ingram, at 1056 Lillian Boulevard in Marmaduke, was operating a drug enterprise. The informant said he/she had bought drugs from the suspect multiple times. By July 30, police set up the informant with recording devices and money to make a drug purchase. During this time, a small amount of meth was purchased.

Police repeated the controlled buys on August 6 and again on August 9, solidifying their evidence that the apartment was being used to sell meth.

On the afternoon of August 13, Sheriff David Carter, Greene County Sheriff’s Narcotics Team and the SRT team executed a search warrant at the address. After making entry through the back door of the apartment, Ingram was found along with three other suspects (listed above). Police found meth and a number of pieces of drug paraphernalia in the apartment.

Suspect Stanley Carter was found in a room with a small black bag which seemed to have been tossed into the closet. Once searched, meth was found. Stanley Carter denied it was his.

Suspect Patricia White was detained. After her purse was searched, meth was found in it. She denied it belonged to her.

Suspect Christopher Massey, a probationer, was found to have a tooter pipe and a glass pipe on his person. During a taped interview, he was said to have admitted it belonged to him.

All of the suspects were detained without incident, the incident report from the sheriff’s department said.

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  1. notice that the greene county sherrif’s office didn’t mention one thing that is usually found at a “major” drug operation…MONEY!!! bahahaha….we all know (now) how that goes down in Greene County….damn crooks.

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