Trumann police chief survives apparent ambush; suspect killed in shootout

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TRUMANN, Ark. – Authorities of the Trumann Police Department have asked for the assistance of the Arkansas State Police in the investigation of an officer involved shooting that occurred earlier today.

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Trumann Police Chief Chad Henson was contacted about 10 AM by an individual identified as Johnny Kelley, 49, who resides near Trumann.

According to an initial statement provided to state police special agents, Chief Henson was asked to come by Kelley’s residence. Once there, Chief Henson approached the door of the residence and Kelley fired at Henson with a gun.

Chief Henson survived the shot and returned fire, killing Kelley.


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Kelley’s body is being submitted to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory to determine the manner and cause of death.

The investigation being prepared by the state police will be submitted to the prosecuting attorney to determine if the use of deadly force by the chief was consistent with Arkansas law.

Press release, Arkansas State Police

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