DHS takes children after meth found on couple in trashy motel room

JONESBORO, Ark. – A noise disturbance between two people who were suspected users of methamphetamine resulted in an arrest and in DHS taking custody of a one-year-old and a three-year-old from deplorable conditions, a report detailed.

At about 10:08 AM Sunday, Jonesboro Police Officer Blake Easley and other officers were dispatched to the Scottish Inn, 3116 Mead Drive, where a noise complaint had drawn the attention of nearby individuals. The officers arrived and could hear two people arguing from outside of the room. An officer knocked on the door and made contact. As soon as he entered, he noticed a Faith Hill CD case on top of the entertainment center with what appeared to be methamphetamine residue all over it. It was the first of several concerning discoveries.

Police made contact with the two suspects: Matthew Blake, 28, of Jonesboro, and Megan Blake, 23, of Jonesboro. They also noticed two children, ages one and three, sitting at a table in the same motel room. Authorities asked Matthew about the suspected meth and he told them they already knew what it was. He then confirmed it was supposed to be meth, the report by Officer Connor Baldwin said. A meth test kit was used and the substance was confirmed to be meth.

However, the jittery male suspect seemed to have a hard time sitting still. He asked police to step outside so he could talk to his wife, but they refused. He was also seated away from his wife, Megan, but kept trying to whisper in her ear, the report said. She told police he was trying to get her to take the fall for the meth.

Matthew Blake was placed into custody while Megan watched the two young children. Megan then signed a consent to search waiver, leading to paraphernalia, meth, and cannabis being found in the room. Several pipes used to ingest drugs were found in a blue bag with female sex toys, the report said.

However, during the search, authorities noted how trashy the conditions were. One officer described the amount of, “trash, dirty diapers, wet mildew clothing, rotting food and drugs and paraphernalia,” the young children were living in.

Matthew Blake was transported to jail and faces charges including possession of schedule I or II substance, a schedule VI substance, felony drug paraphernalia, misdemeanor drug paraphernalia, third degree endangering the welfare of a minor, and obstructing governmental operations for allegedly giving an officer the wrong identifying information.

Two DHS caseworkers arrived and took custody of the two young victims/children.

The report did not indicate charges were being pursued against Megan Blake.

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