Hoxie Water under investigation

Target/reason of the investigation not yet revealed, officially

HOXIE, Ark. – An investigation into the City of Hoxie’s water department is underway and in coordination with Arkansas Legislative Audit, the mayor told NEA Report on Monday. He did not confirm what the investigation was possibly for.

Hoxie Mayor Lanny Tinker confirmed the news in a text message to this reporter late Monday. He said he had directed City of Hoxie Water’s auditor to work in coordination with the legislative audit on the matter.

“I can not comment on an existing investigation other than to say I, as mayor, became aware of possible improprieties and took immediate action to investigate,” Tinker wrote. “The legal process should protect the rights of those possibly involved until the review is completed. I will make a statement when appropriate.”

NEA Report received several anonymous tips indicating what the investigation was regarding and who was the potential suspect. At least five individuals told NEA Report alleged embezzlement was suspected to have taken place. The same name was also presented to us, however, we are not yet publishing an unconfirmed name of a potential suspect. When we asked Tinker if this was what/who were being investigated, he could not comment.

Tinker said his water auditor was nearing the completion of his part of the investigation.

“It is my understanding it then moves on to legislative audit, then to the district prosecutor,” Tinker said in text message.

The Hoxie mayor indicated the city would have a public announcement regarding the investigation later this week or early next. He said he would be available for comment on the matter afterward.

NEA Report will follow up on this story and bring you more as we learn it.

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  1. Any follow up? The people of Hoxie want to know what is happening with this since a new Mayor has taken office.

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