Arrest made in Trumann home invasion/shooting

The sign at the door of the Trumann police chief. Photo by Stan Morris | NEA Report.

Victim of shooting is a 15-year-old girl who faces uphill medical battles, sources say

TRUMANN, Ark. – The suspected individual behind a home invasion and shooting last week is now in custody.

Seth Mullins of Trumann was in custody and behind bars Monday afternoon, Police Chief Chad Henson confirmed to NEA Report at about 12:30 PM. He was arrested Sunday, May 20. His arrest is in the case of the home invasion and shooting incident which happened Thursday night in Trumann.

Mullins is being charged with criminal attempt to commit first degree murder and aggravated residential burglary, a press release said.

Seth Mullins, Trumann. We verified the profile has the same date of birth as the suspect, too. Source: Facebook

A female was shot during the incident and seriously wounded. She was airlifted to The Med in Memphis where she underwent surgery Friday. It was described as “successful” in a release. She has only been reported to have been in stable condition since by authorities.

While media outlets had not yet confirmed an age of the victim, which led to some erroneously referring to her as a “woman,” local sources told NEA Report the female victim is actually a 15-year-old girl. This was later confirmed by TPD in the press release. Her name is Mia.

A source close to the family told NEA Report the girl was shot three times. The source also said she has had at least ten surgeries so far. It will be a long and difficult journey for the girl but many in the area believe in her and are showing it in a number of visible ways.

On Monday afternoon, #MIASTRONG began showing up on social media to show support for the girl who has gone through an unspeakably scary event. Several fundraisers are currently being planned for the girl.

  • At Unico Bank, an account has been set up. A bank representative confirmed this to NEA Report and said donors can ask for the account “for Mia” to make a donation.
  • At Stitch & Screen, a web-store is being set up to sell light blue shirts featuring #MIASTRONG on the front. Funds raised through this shirt will be donated to Unico Bank’s fundraising account. Once the store is finished, we will add the link to this.
  • A GoFundMe page has also been set up for Mia, which you can click here to visit.

The GoFundMe page says Mia, “has already endured so much and has a long path of healing ahead of her.”

The suspect was said to have stolen only keys, the teenager’s phone, and a gun in the home invasion.


A press release was issued by Trumann police. It states Trumann Police Department is, “very aware of the violence this community has witnessed in the past few weeks. We strive to make our community aware of the predators and drugs that threaten the safety of our citizens. Our department would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to remind citizens that if you have prescription narcotics, specifically opioids, inside your homes or vehicles, please dispose of them when you are through taking them. Selling these surplus pills is a crime and it is killing our community. Our department will do everything in our power to ward off criminals who will harm us, especially breaking into our homes in an effort to steal pills and hurt our children.”

The release asks if you know of the whereabouts and/or movements in the last week of the suspect, Mullins, police urge you to contact the Trumann Police Department Criminal Investigation Department.

Correction: An earlier version of this report cited The Jonesboro Sun as stating Mullins faced an attempted capital murder charge. This was incorrect and has been updated to reflect Mullins being charged with criminal attempt to commit first degree murder and aggravated residential burglary.

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