Marianna man under arrest for attempting to seduce child, says release

Suspect claims he was investigating the situation

MARIANNA, AR – An undercover investigation by the First Judicial District Drug Task Force has a Marianna man behind bars after he was arrested for attempting to seduce a child for sex.

Russell McBride, 52, of Marianna was arrested on April 16, 2018 by special agents with the First Judicial District Drug Task Force and the Marianna Police Department after engaging in sexually explicit conversations with what he believed to be a 14 year old child via social media. McBride turned the conversation sexual when he messaged that he wanted to watch the underage child perform sex acts on herself. McBride stated they could be “real good friends” and could smoke marijuana together. McBride sent a photo of marijuana on a bong and said he was smoking. McBride told the purported child that “after you let me get us stoned real good and drunk maybe my old ass can get lucky with one of your girlfriends lol”. He then said he was kidding, but later told the child he wanted to have sex with her 13 year old female friend and demanded sexually explicit photos from both girls, even getting angry when he did not receive them.

McBride sent a photo of his genitalia to what he believed to be a 14 year old child and asked multiple times for a picture or video of the child’s genitalia or of the child performing a sex act on herself, the release said. McBride acknowledged her age multiple times and even asked if she was able to grow pubic hair yet. McBride stated that he wanted to have sex with the child on the hood of his Ford Mustang and told the child he wanted to perform oral and anal sex, even stating that he hoped she would require stitches after the act. McBride sent pornographic anal sex videos to the child with a caption about that being how it was the “first time”. McBride constantly referred to the child as “Bitch” or “Babydoll”.

At one point, McBride allegedly asked the child “do you swallow or can you handle that?” McBride then asked again for sexually explicit photos and said he was ready to pleasure himself. When the child said she was in school, McBride asked for sexually explicit photos again and then stated that she should go to the bathroom when the bell rings and take a photo. McBride agreed to meet for sex several times stating that the child was worth going to prison over and even stating that he knew it would be considered “rape” if anyone found out about it. McBride messaged several times that he was on his way to meet the child, but did not show up. That is when DTF special agents and Marianna PD executed a search warrant at his residence on MLK Street in Marianna where he lived with his mother. McBride, a felon, was found to be in possession of six firearms in his room at the time of the search warrant. Electronic devices were also recovered.

During an interview with investigators, McBride admitted to engaging in inappropriate conduct and sending sexually explicit messages to the profile, but stated that he was only trying to “investigate” the situation further, thinking that the child was wanting money or trying to “rob” him. While playing the role of an “investigator”, McBride said he never reached out to law enforcement.

“The police showed up before he was able to crack the case,” said a DTF agent. “The only ‘robber’ in this situation is the one who tried to steal a child’s innocence. Our task force will continue to locate and close with these predators out here on the street before they get a chance to victimize another child.”

McBride is being held in St. Francis County Jail and is charged with Internet Stalking of a Child, 5-27-306, a Class B Felony. DTF agents said more charges are expected to follow in Lee County. Russell McBride will appear Wednesday in St. Francis County District Court where bond will be set.

Press release – First Judicial District Drug Task Force

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