Humane society cries ‘fowl’ over to-be-eaten animals

JONESBORO, Ark. – After an area animal advocacy group made allegations of several farm animals not being fed well, authorities found no evidence of mistreatment; then the owner’s son showed up and said he was going to eat all of the animals.

The dispute took place on Friday, March 9. Shortly after noon, Deputy Jerry Roth was dispatched to the 300-block of County Road 773 in reference to abandoned goats. He arrived and made contact with Lisa Trevathan with the NEA Humane Society. She told police, the report said, there were several goats and two chickens abandoned at the residence. A neighbor had told her, she said, no one had been at the residence for two months and that the goats were getting out and damaging her plants and property. A report was filed regarding the damages by the neighbor. The owner could not be reached.

“Ms. Trevanthan advised she believed the goats had not been feed or watered in 2 months,” reported Roth. “I observed the goats and chickens were well fed and could not have survived with out water for 2 months. It was noted the goats were getting into the neighbors yard and ponds for food and water and she has obtained a summons.”

Later, Deputy James Teague responded at about 5 PM to the same residence to meet with Trevathan and two of her fellow NEAHS representatives.

“They claimed they did not have the people available at that time to further examine the animals and that’s why they had returned to the residence,” reported Teague.

That’s when the owner’s son showed up to the residence, the report said. He said he was planning on eating all four of the goats at the residence. He did, however, agree to surrender the two younger goats to the NEAHS. He signed a sheet and Trevathan secured the two would-be-meals in her vehicle.

The NEAHS then checked on the welfare of two sheep and two roosters. All were determined to have been well fed. The owner’s son then took the roosters, along with the two remaining goats, saying he was going to eat them.

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