DAY 4: The latest on the missing Trumann teenager (Update: she has been found)

UPDATE: Arissa has been found!


TRUMANN, Ark. – We’re approaching day 4 of the search for the missing Trumann girl. Police have released new information to the media as they continue their search.

Authorities now doubt the video at the Blytheville rest stop is of Arissa. There had been a feeling among those including the family that it was Arissa. This seems to have been a possible mistake due to the grainy and pixelated nature of the video.

Here is the precise statement from TPD:

In the past few hours the Trumann Police Department has learned more information about the disappearance of Arissa Farmer. After following up on this information there is now doubt that the video released from the Blytheville rest stop is Arissa.

The investigation into Arissa’s disappearance has now entered the fourth day and this department is now being helped by the FBI, Arkansas State Police, Jonesboro Police Department, Poinsett County Sheriffs Office.

Evidence collected from different locations and communication devices has led investigators to believe that Arissa was in contact with multiple males on multiple social media sites. Arrisa appears to have been groomed and mentored by these males, therefore due to her age and the graphic nature of the messages, multiple agencies are collectivity working towards finding her.

Chad Henson
Chief of Police

 This is the video originally believed to be that of Arissa Farmer. Authorities now doubt this is Arissa, after further investigation.

As this is now not believed to be the missing girl, this also invalidates the possible car she was believed to be traveling in.

A silver Dodge Stratus was seen leaving the Blytheville rest stop and reported as the vehicle she may have been traveling in. Chief Henson confirms to NEA Report that police are no longer looking at this vehicle as a possible suspect vehicle.

Authorities continue to exhaust all leads and ask for the public’s help. Contact Trumann Police Department through Facebook here. 

Or call them:

TPD: (870) 483-5121

The family has set up a GoFundMe offering reward money for her safe return.

There is also a dedicated Facebook page being ran by the family to try to bring Arissa home. 

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