Lake City woman arrested on meth delivery charge

Had 34 grams hidden in her pants, report said

PARAGOULD, Ark. – After a Lake City woman was stopped for fictitious tags, she was found to have approximately 34 grams of crystal methamphetamine hidden in her pants. It wasn’t the only thing authorities found.

Wednesday afternoon, January 3, 2018, Captain Mike Ryles with the Greene County Sheriff’s Department was on Highway 135 South when he noticed a blue and grey van headed north. He ran the tags and found they were licensed to a Honda Civic.  Ryles began the traffic stop for the vehicle having fictitious tags. He noted the vehicle continued for a short distance before pulling over on the highway.

The deputy made contact with the driver, Kolleena Forrister Qualls, 45, of Lake City. She seemed nervous and would not make eye contact, Ryles reported. He asked her to step out of the vehicle as a K9 officer arrived. After being asked, the defendant said nothing illegal was in the vehicle.

K9 Deks alerted to something being in the vehicle. After explaining this to Qualls, she reportedly became angry and her “entire demeanor changed.” As the K9 handler conducted a search of the vehicle, Qualls reportedly pulled up her shirt and ran her hand down the right side of her pants. She claimed her stomach was hurting but the officers were wise to her excuses.

Crushed Xanax pills were believed to be found in the defendants purse along with a used syringe hidden in the sunroof. Qualls was arrested and taken to the Greene County Jail. There, she was searched and a female detention officer found the mother load: 34 grams of suspected methamphetamine were located in the suspect’s pants.

Source: Vinelink

During a taped interview, the defendant reportedly waived her right to have an attorney present. She then was said to have admitted to transporting drugs for payment from one point to another. She also allegedly admitted to attempting to hide the suspected meth in her pants so it would not be discovered.

Qualls faces misdemeanors for fictitious tags and possessing instruments of crime. She faces a felony for possession of crystal meth, more than 10 grams, with intent to deliver.

As of this story, she’s held currently in the Greene County Jail.

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