Heroic 12-year-old saves lives in Gosnell fire

Boy “felt like Batman” as he pulled people out of burning home, he said

GOSNELL, Ark. – In Hollywood, heroes wear capes but in reality, heroes come in all sizes, shapes, and ages.

12-year-old Brock Moore is a real hero. On Dec. 18, a fire destroyed a home in Gosnell. A video of it was posted here, on Facebook. Much more would have been lost without young Brock’s heroics on that evening.

Crews with the FireTEXT service learned more and shared details about the incident. After everyone was already asleep, Brock woke up to the smell of smoke. He reacted fast, grabbing two younger-children, the post said, and bringing them out of the house. They are 7 and 8-years-old, respectively.

Then, the boy ran back into the burning home to grab a middle-aged woman who had a broken leg and couldn’t walk. He pulled her out of the home.

The heroism didn’t stop.

This boy came outside and realized the younger kids, confused, had gone back into the home and hidden in bed. He brought back everyone to safety.

After everyone was brought to safety, Brock was taken to the emergency room for smoke inhalation. He was coughing up blood and “black stuff” but the boy was released a few hours later.

“I just wanted to make sure everyone was okay,” Brock said.

Brock and family were taken to his grandfather’s home, since their home was a total loss. He didn’t fall asleep until the next day, the FireTEXT post said.

The next day, the boy arrived home at his mother’s.

“Mom, I felt like Batman!” the boy exclaimed, not yet fully aware of the bravery of his deeds on that evening.

Although his family nearly lost everything, much more would have been taken had he not acted so swiftly.

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