Trinity Church congregation votes to sell property

By vote of 83%, congregation authorized the already-agreed-upon sale, pastor said

Jonesboro Public Schools plans to buy for $2.5 million

JONESBORO, Ark. – It is official – again.

On Sunday, Dec. 17, 82-percent of the congregation was attendance at Trinity Church, Pastor Chad Gonzales told NEA Report. Of it, 83-percent voted in favor of the sale of the property to Jonesboro Public Schools, the pastor said.

“The vote passed with 83% in favor,” Gonzales said. “All of the required documentation was submitted to the title company today. We are very excited for our church and the Jonesboro School District in now being able to move forward on the sale of the property.”

Trinity Church will be selling their building and property on Highland Drive in Jonesboro for $2.5 million to Jonesboro Public Schools. The sale had been authorized by the board of directors of the church when two months ago to the day, Jonesboro Public Schools decided to make the purchase. However, the title company decided to require a vote by the congregation before it would insure the transaction.

One-third (1/3) of the congregation had to be in attendance for a vote to count. More than twice that, at about four-fifths (4/5) members, attended. Two-thirds (2/3) of the voting group then had to authorize the sale for it to be accepted. Again, slightly over four out of five members authorized the measure.

The pastor previously sat down for an interview with NEA Report. 

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