Therapy asks Jonesboro council for address change

New State Law Requires Local Approval

JONESBORO, Ark. – A new act passed this year in Arkansas will have its first effects felt at Tuesday night’s Jonesboro City Council meeting.

Act 1112 of 2017 was passed by the Arkansas General Assembly to give local governing bodies the first say-so in approving alcohol permits. In essence, this gives the local government the right to say no before the state Alcohol Beverage Control Division (ABC Board) decides. Read the act here.

City Ordinance 17:071 set the council’s outlines for handling such business. The ordinance states any alcohol permit, request for change of address or request for change of business type must first go through the council. Changes also must be signed off on by the JPD Chief, Rick Elliott.

On Tuesday, it will be the first time the Jonesboro council has approached such an issue with said authority in place. On the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting, Ordinance 17:091 seeks to transfer the location of Therapy of Jonesboro, a private-club permitted restaurant at 241 South Main Street, to move across the road to 228 South Main Street. Therapy obtained written approval for the change from Chief Elliott, documents attached to the ordinance show.

Other Business

  • A resolution to approve the Jonesboro Baseball Boosters to install new turf at Joe Mack Campbell Park will be considered.
  • An ordinance will be up for vote to create the Land Bank Commission and to set forth responsibilities thereof.
  • An ordinance will be up for vote to adopt the 2018 Budget for the City of Jonesboro. 
  • Request to rezone  3217 SOUTHWEST DRIVE from R1 to C3 by First Baptist Church
  • Request to rezone  4150 SOUTHWEST DRIVE from R1 to C3 by Ashdown Plaza, LLC

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