Presley’s Drive In has closed

Sept. 2017; Photo by Stan Morris | NEA Report

JONESBORO, Ark. – It was a diner full of history but until someone buys the location, the historical restaurant will be empty.

Presley’s Drive In has closed, management confirmed to NEA Report on Tuesday, Oct. 31. The diner, on Gee Street in Jonesboro, had announced in September it was seeking new ownership, but that it would remain open.

The diner is currently listed with ERA Doty for $182,000.

It is described on the realtor’s website as an, “iconic Jonesboro restaurant and landmark with a rich history of great food, service and atmosphere.”

“Entrepreneurs are welcome to enjoy this great business opportunity and to carry on the tradition.” – ERA Doty listing.

This blog post from 2014 details some of the rich history of the area, including the drive in and Gee Street, itself.

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