NEA Report to begin daily 4 PM newscast

JONESBORO, Ark. – Northeast Arkansas’s most popular online news outlet will soon begin the region’s first online-based live newscast!

Everyday day at 4 PM, Stan Morris Reporting will run through the top headlines of the day, including breaking news, weather, crime, and all of the stories the other news outlets don’t want to talk about. 

Broadcasting live from our studios in Jonesboro, or on location, the newscast will also be the first to include viewer comments and feedback, real-time. During interview segments, viewers can ask questions. During news stories, viewers can request more information about certain topics or perspectives. We will even be giving away prizes to live viewers of the show!

Where to Watch

The live newscast will stream on our popular Facebook page each day to over 21,000 followers (and many more who regularly check NEA Report). In addition, it will be available on Twitter, YouTube and Livestream. No matter your preference, NEA Report plans to cater directly to the viewer.

Now, you truly can cut the cord in NEA!

Why 4 PM?

Most news is gathered by 3 PM. Reporters traditionally spend the next two to three hours crafting that news into either television “packages” or newspaper long-form “articles.” Stan Morris Reporting will abandon these methods of information delivery and instead simply tell you the news in a modern, efficient way.

Breaking News

Since June, 2016, NEA Report has covered breaking news like no other news outlet before. Whether it be a crisis or an achievement for the community, we strive to give you a front row seat to what is going on in your world. Now, during breaking news events, NEA Report will go live from our news studio to bring you breaking news coverage as events unfold. Through the magic of social media combined with years of news media contacts and relationships, full breaking news coverage will be in the palm of your hand, on your desktop computer, or wherever you go.

New App

Thanks to our developer, Ace One Technologies of Jonesboro, NEA Report has completed and is now submitting an all-new app for iOs and Android. The app will feature push notifications but unlike the others, we won’t blow up your phone for something unless it is important. You’ll have access to local news, weather, and much more with new content being added each day and new additions forthcoming.

We Listen

Tell us what you want to see or hear and NEA Report will listen. We value our readers and viewers and we love Northeast Arkansas. We hold public officials accountable, tell you who is causing problems in your community, and tell you who is making a difference. Real journalism matters in these times more than ever.

That’s why you can trust NEA Report.

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