Submerged stolen car pulled out of Lake Norfork

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. – The Sheriff’s Office has recovered a submerge vehicle from Lake Norfork that was apparently stolen from Ozark County, Missouri, a press release said.

On Thursday morning, September 7, the sheriff’s office took a call reporting that someone had observed a submerged vehicle in the Calamity Beach area of Lake Norfork.  Deputies responded and found a 4 door passenger car with Michigan license plates submerged in the water with several clothing items and a spare tire floating nearby. 

A sheriff’s office diver came to the scene to inspect the vehicle.  He found no one  inside the vehicle or in the vicinity.  The back glass of the vehicle was completely broken out, and the front windshield was pushed in but still intact.  A large rock was lying on top of the accelerator.  The vehicle was removed from the water by a towing company.

The Sheriff’s Office was eventually able to track down the owner of the vehicle, who is now living in Ozark County, Missouri.  The owner advised deputies he had already reported the vehicle stolen to the Ozark County Sheriff’s Office.

Press Release – Baxter County Sheriff John F. Montgomery

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