WBC Awards First LawCo Success Scholarships

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – Four Williams Baptist College students are the first recipients of the Lawrence County Success Scholarship.  The scholarship was launched this fall at Williams, and it will be awarded yearly to graduates from each of the four high schools in Lawrence County.

Selected for the scholarship for this year were: Robyn Harper (Hillcrest High School), Gene Miller (Hoxie), Tahya Taffar (Sloan-Hendrix) and Mary Beth Dickson (Walnut Ridge).  All four began their studies at WBC this fall.

The scholarship is renewable, meaning recipients can continue to get it for up to four years.  A new group of four recipients will be selected each year, as well.  Students are selected for the scholarship based on their academic achievement, as well as financial need.

The idea for the Lawrence County Success Scholarship came from J.R. Cox of Walnut Ridge, who chairs the Board of Trustees at Williams.  Cox and Brett Cooper, WBC’s vice president for institutional advancement, have headed fundraising efforts for the scholarship over the past year.

“We wanted to start a scholarship that would help local students each year they are at Williams, as well as bringing a new group of recipients on board every year,” Cox said.  “Friends all across Lawrence County have responded very positively to the effort, and this great bunch of scholarship recipients proves that it was all worthwhile.”

Williams is a Christian liberal arts college in Walnut Ridge.

Story link: https://williamsbaptistcollege.com/wbc-awards-first-lawco-success-scholarships/

Featured photo: (left to right) WBC Board Chair J.R. Cox, Mary Beth Dickson, Tahya Taffar, Robyn Harper , Gene Miller and Williams President Dr. Tom Jones.

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