‘Why?’ Abused dog’s eyes seem to beg the question

JONESBORO, Ark. – This story will be too graphic for most to read and the photos are even worse.

A dog was found this week in Jonesboro with a dog collar embedded in its neck and it’s head swollen to an abnormal size. It happened at 610 Word Street, where a dog was reported to have “possibly been bitten by a snake.” If only.

When Animal Control Officer Beth Grant arrived at 11:20 a.m. Monday morning, August 21, she saw a dark brindle male pit bull mix with a swollen head – but it wasn’t because of a snake bite, the officer would soon learn. The dog had grown into its collar, which appeared to not have been changed since the animal was much smaller, possibly a puppy.

Willie Greer, 48, of Jonesboro, lives at the address listed above. The police report said the first thing Greer said was that the dog was hanging around his house and he wanted it removed. There was no mention throughout the report of Greer showing any concern for the dog – but it was doing a lot more than hanging around his house. At least for a period of time, evidence indicates the dog lived there, according to the report.

The dog appears to weep as though it feels guilt and shame for no definable reason. Photo from Larry Rogers/Animal Control

A rope in the backyard was found where it appeared the dog had been tied up – not a legal practice in Jonesboro. A five gallon bucket filled with dirty water was also found. Near it was a bowl full of debris and water, the story said. Blood and bodily fluids were smeared all over the front porch of Greer’s home. Jonesboro Animal Control Sgt. Larry Rogers said his officer described the nightmare to him in a conversation.

“Beth was telling me the smell was horrendous,” Rogers said. “The maggots were actually helping the dog out by cleaning the dead and infected tissue away.”

Greer claimed he wasn’t the owner, in contrast to the evidence seen by the officer, but instead said the dog had been hanging around his residence for “two weeks.” The dog didn’t grow into that dog collar in only two weeks, Rogers asserted, and the animal control officer was well aware of it. Greer was written a citation for cruelty to animals, dog at large, and no rabies vaccination proof. He was in court on Wednesday afternoon, where he requested a continuance. He will be back in court mid-September.


Shockingly, this is not a rare discovery for animal control officers, Rogers said. He encouraged all dog owners to check their collars regularly to be certain your pet hasn’t outgrown it. While it takes a lot longer than two weeks for it to happen, it isn’t an easy sight to see – and the agonizing pain for the animal is difficult to even fathom.

“It’s very hard because every one of us, we do the job because of our compassion for the animals,” Rogers said. “So to see an animal treated this way, it’s just amazing, Stan, that you can see an animal treated bad by a human but still turn around and lick that human’s hand.”

This story has a happy ending, despite the unimaginable photos. Miraculously, the dog did not need to be put down. The dog is expected to live. On Thursday, Jonesboro Animal Control Sgt. Larry Rogers picked the dog up from Vetcare, where Dr. Kevin Reed had managed to clip the collar and treat the betrayed animal. The swelling was going down around the dog’s head and it was on antibiotics with all signs pointing to it making a full recovery.

“One of the things, the dog has not been a round a lot of people and it has not socialized a lot,” Rogers said. “So right now, there’s a lot of non-trust. And if you had done to you what was done to him, would you ever trust another human?”

Dr. Reed works to save the wounded dog.


by Stan Morris | NEA Report; Photos from Sgt. Larry Rogers, Jonesboro Animal Control/JPD

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  1. That poor dog! May this precious animal find a loving home with people that will love him.?

  2. Yes!!! We DESPERATELY need to put these cases in a registry of some sort.
    They SHOULD-ANYONE who abuses ANYTHING SHOULD be in a register!!
    I know this state is poor, but c’mon!!

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