Man evades police in vehicle; meth found, per JPD

JONESBORO, Ark. – A vehicle swerving around was selected by a JPD officer for a traffic stop but instead, the man fled early Tuesday.

At about 1:21 a.m., Officer Zachary McQuay with JPD noticed a silver Chevy Traverse headed south on Southwest Drive. As it approached the intersection of Alexander, the vehicle reportedly swerved left of the center line several times. The vehicle turned east on I-555 as the officer initiated his traffic stop.

The vehicle swerved right of the fog line as if it were going to stop, however, suddenly accelerated to a high rate of speed, McQuay reported. He followed the vehicle and activated his siren. The vehicle continued to accelerate to speeds exceeding 90 mph. The vehicle turned south on Harrisburg, making an improper turn, and traveling left of the center line into the oncoming lane, just passed Parker.

As the vehicle turned west on Gladiolus, McQuay was advised to terminate the pursuit. He followed at a safe speed without lights or sirens. The vehicle turned onto Kristi Lake, made a loop around the entire complex before making a stop near some apartments.

As McQuay approached the vehicle, it was already unoccupied. Officers searched the area but couldn’t find the man. A search of the vehicle yielded several finds, however: two small bags of meth, a digital scale with drug residue on it, two cell phones, and a backpack containing a Missouri ID card for the suspect, Eugene Pryor, 34, of Jonesboro.

Pryor had prior interactions with police, the report said. He was on probation, for one, along with having an outstanding felony warrant through Poinsett County for aggravated assault. The vehicle was not registered to Pryor.

If you know where he could police, help police find him. Anyone with information may contact Crime Stoppers at (870) 935-7867 (935-STOP.)

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