K9 pulls Wynne fugitive out of closet

WYNNE, Ark. – When police give a warning to come out or get bit, it means there’s a K9 officer involved and the time for playing is over.

At 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in Wynne, a fugitive learned this the hard way.

Jonesboro Police Department Officer Erik Johnson and his K9 partner “Gabo” were on assignment with the Arkansas Community Corrections SRT Fugitive Task Force on Wednesday. The team was looking for Tanner Ross Butler, 25, wanted by Cross County AND Crittenden County sheriff’s offices, Wynne police and Jonesboro police. 

Police arrived at 104 Martin Drive and surrounded it. Johnson and Gabo were in the back, in case Butler tried to flee. Police believed the man was in the home and would soon verify this.

Source: VINELink

“Police department with a K9, come out or you’ll be bit,” shouted Johnson into the residence.

Gabo was given a search command and went to work clearing the residence. He took officers to a closed-door in the living room and changed his breathing and body posture. The dog was telling police where the suspect was hiding. When officers opened the closet, there was a mound of clothing. Gabo began pulling out several pieces of clothing, indicating to officers the suspect was underneath.

Johnson said he commanded the suspect to show his hands but he refused. Gabo grabbed his left arm and pulled Butler out of the closet. He was handcuffed and Gabo was removed from the bite apprehension. A pocket knife was found on his person.

Butler was transported to Cross Ridge Community Hospital ER for treatment before being taken to Cross County Detention Center on his warrants, parole violation and absconding, and resisting arrest.

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