Decision on charges in murder of Newport officer expected next week

NEWPORT, Ark. – The prosecutor in the case of the murdered Newport police officer expects a decision on charges will “probably happen” next week.

Third Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Henry Boyce told NEA Report on Friday, June 23, that his office hasn’t completed the investigation into the death of Lt. Patrick Weatherford and that’s normal, he said. Boyce said the last time a capital murder investigation occurred in Jackson County, charges weren’t filed until over a month after the crime took place. 

Boyce said there has been no further news to report and that the next development is likely to be the charging decision.

“I anticipate that will probably happen next week,” Boyce said. “I’ve got to take a look at everything in its entirety.”

Tyler Calamese, 18, of Newport, is the primary suspect in the capital murder of Newport Police Department Lt. Patrick Weatherford. The crime happened Monday, June 12. Calamese is being held in Craighead County Detention Center pending a decision on formal charges. Boyce said there’s a period of time for the police to run down “all these leads.” He said there’s a lot of ground work to be done before an investigation of this magnitude is complete.

“I want to make sure my case is fully developed before I make a charging decision. That’s only prudent,” Boyce said.

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  1. No charges filed yet? I guess they can just put people in jail and leave them. I thought false inprisonment was illegal. I don’t know this boy or if he’s guilty. But it’s not right to arrest someone and just hope you get evidence that justifys it.

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