Trespassing felon arrested with suspected meth rock

JONESBORO, Ark. – A man was arrested Tuesday in Jonesboro for trespassing and what police suspect was a crystal methamphetamine rock.

Jonesboro Officer John Hughes made the report after 1 p.m. Tuesday. The report says he learned of Daniel Jerrad Russell, 34, of Brookland, driving around the Cedar Heights area in a silver GMC Sierra. The officer wrote he had recently executed a search warrant of Russell’s residence and knew him to be a convicted felon. While patrolling, the officer found Russell’s vehicle parked at the 1800-block of Cedar Heights at a property with a sign posted saying no convicted felons are to be on the property. 

The report says Russell was parked in front of the sign. The officer made contact with him and told the suspect he was not supposed to be on the property

“I pointed to the sign right in front of him,” Hughes reported.


Hughes opened the door and advised him to step from the vehicle and that he was under arrest. The report indicates Russell hesitated for a second then began to step from the vehicle as the officer reached to get a hold of him. As Russell’s foot touched the ground, his right hand went immediately into his right shorts pocket, Hughes said.

“I grabbed his arm and jerked his hand out and gave him commands to get his hands out of his pocket,” Hughes reported. “I then spun him around, forced him against the vehicle, gained under hooks and immediately gained control of his upper body with his arms around his head. He was then placed under arrest without further incident.”

The officer soon learned why the daring act of reaching into a pocket during an arrest had happened. He searched the man and found a clear plastic container containing a large clear crystal-like rock in his right shorts pocket. A test of it showed it to be crystal meth.

Russell was arrested and taken to Craighead County Detention Center to be charged with possession of meth, a felony, and misdemeanor criminal trespass.

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