Report: Teens go on shopping spree at The Mall – without paying

Photo taken in 2017 by Stan Morris

JONESBORO, Ark. – Three teenagers were cited and turned over to their parents after they were caught stealing at a number of stores in The Mall at Turtle Creek on Thursday, a police report said.

At 4:17 p.m., the Jonesboro police report begins with two officers, Keith Baggett and Kelsey Chism, responding to the Mall in reference to a juvenile female shoplifting suspect already in custody. The suspect, 15, was observed by security in Victoria’s Secret concealing several items of clothing in a bag, the report said, before she left the store with two other juvenile girls. The suspect was approached by mall security and detained. The two other girls ran from the scene – but they wouldn’t be gone for long.

Police waited until the juvenile’s mother was present and questioned her, the report said. The girl admitted to taking the items and also admitted to taking items from four other stores while on the excursion. With her mother over her shoulder, the girl gave up her two female friends. She contacted them, the report said, and they returned to the mall with their parents, too.

The report goes on to say initially, suspect #2 and #3, also each 15-years-old, denied being with the first suspect. The Victoria’s Secret employee called them out on the denial, saying she had seen all three together at the same time.

The three girls were also seen with three unknown juvenile males but it is not known if they were involved.

Merchandise was reported stolen from Victoria’s Secret, Gearhead Outfitters, JC Penney, Dillard’s and Zumiez. Several agreed to proceed with charges against the teens.

All three suspects were charged with misdemeanor shoplifting. They will be charged as juveniles. They were released to their parents on the scene.

In addition, all three were criminally banned from the Mall. Suspect #1 was banned for five years, while the other two were banned for a year.

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