Study: Jonesboro ranks No. 7 nationally for working parents


JONESBORO, Ark. – The accolades for Jonesboro continue to roll in as more studies continue to affirm just how special our city ranks among its peers nationwide. The latest study, conducted by, found that Jonesboro ranks No. 7 nationally and tops in the state among best cities for working parents.

Working parents that live in Jonesboro benefit from a strong local economy, low unemployment rates and key industries that include healthcare and education, according to the website. Coupled with that are shorter commutes, averaging about 17 minutes, that leave more time for working parents to spend with their kids.

More information about the study, including full methodology and rankings, can be found here:

In the past six months, studies have been released ranking Jonesboro as No. 5 in the nation among best places to retire, No. 1 in Arkansas for a successful 2017, and the second-best place in the state to find a job, and among the top 50 places in America to build a forever dream home.

“Thanks to its hard-working and generous citizens, Jonesboro is taking off, and we’re stacking up well with other cities around the country,” Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin said. “Share this information with your friends and neighbors, and be proud of who we are and what we’re accomplishing together. We’re only getting better.”


Press Release – Bill Campbell, City of Jonesboro

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