3-year-old bitten in face by dog

JONESBORO, Ark. – Authorities received a report of a child being bit by a dog from over the weekend in Craighead County.

At 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 15, 2017, Craighead County Sheriff’s Office Deputy James Teague arrived at St. Bernard’s Emergency Room in reference to a dog bite. He met the victim, a juvenile male approximately 3 years of age and the victim’s mother. Shortly before, on County Road 342, the incident occurred – putting it in the jurisdiction of the CCSO.

The victim had multiple lacerations across the lip, face, and head.

The mother advised the juvenile male was at her oldest son’s residence when the dog bite occurred. She said her son had stepped on the dog before the incident occurred, the report said.

The deputy spoke with the oldest son’s girlfriend, whom is the owner of the Great Dane. She said that the dog is around eight to nine years of age and she rescued him around a year ago. She claimed he is a calm dog and she has never had anything like this happen before. She said that she has not been able to take him to the veterinarian since he has been in her possession due to the expense. She also claimed she did not have
any shot records for the animal.

This was all explained to the juvenile male’s mother by the officer. She had the option to choose between ten-day veterinarian quarantine and a ten day home quarantine and she chose a home quarantine.

The owner of the dog explained that she would be taking the dog to the veterinarian and
getting shots and records and bringing them to the Sheriff’s Office as quick as possible.

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