$8,000 in pills found on suspect who blamed deceased landlord

JONESBORO, Ark. – Over 750 pills were found on a man in Jonesboro now facing felony charges for intentions to deliver, an incident report says.

Jonesboro Police Department Officer Bryan Bailey, along with others, made contact with the suspect at about 4 p.m. Thursday, March 23, outside of his residence at 2110 Cedar Heights in Jonesboro. The suspect, Jerrone Griffin, 36,(picture), was the passenger of a vehicle in a traffic stop. He also was on parole and the officer informed him he would be performing a parole search of his apartment. When Bailey asked if there was anything illegal in the residence, he noted Griffin hesitated to respond.

Upon entry into the residence, Bailey found a black curly methamphetamine pipe, the report says, with residue located under the left couch cushion. A pair of Griffin’s shoes were sitting in front of it.

As police entered Griffin’s bedroom, he spoke up, saying he needed to tell Investigator Bailey something.

jpdpolice“Griffin stated that his landlord had died and he cleaned his apartment out and had some pills that he got out of there and forgot about them until then,” Bailey said in the report. “While searching the bedroom, located in a blue tub inside of Griffins wooden closet by the window on the north side of the room there were several bottles of pills. All pill bottles had no names on them and were plain orange with the type of pill written on the side of the bottle.”

The pills Bailey found were estimated to have a street value of $8,000. They included:

  • 621- White Capsules Inscribed PGN 150 (Lyrica)
  • 73 – Round White Pills With 319 Inscribed (Tramadol)
  • 45 – Round White Pills Inscribed IP33 (Acetaminophen and Codeine)
  • 15 – Yellow Capsules Inscribed G5027 (Gabapentin)

Griffin faces charges of felony possession of a schedule IV or V substance with purpose to deliver, felony possession of drug paraphernalia, and felony possession of a schedule I or II substance, not meth or cocaine, with purpose to deliver.

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