Officer of the month saved woman’s life in fire in February

JONESBORO, Ark. – The Jonesboro Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 8, could not have picked a more deserving name for their February, 2017 Officer of the Month.

On Monday, February 13th, a call came in to dispatchers about a house on fire in the 600-block of Craighead Road 765, according to the FOP Facebook page. It was about 11 a.m. when Craighead County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Josh Miller was the first to arrive on scene. He pulled up to find the residence engulfed in smoke and flames.

When he got out of his patrol vehicle, Miller could hear a female yelling, the FOP Facebook post described. Without fear, he then kicked in the locked front door and rushed into danger.

17352312_1401971619876990_3012451991475314988_nThe house was full of smoke. Miller couldn’t see anything but he could hear a woman’s voice and was able to follow it. He found the 62-year-old woman on the ground, next to a turned over walker. The woman was alive but she desperately needed help.

In a true moment of heroism, Miller was able to drag her out of the residence to safety where she was then transported to a nearby hospital. Despite the smoke, the heat, the flames and the fear, it was the act of Miller which saved a woman’s life on this evening.

“You have to do something when the time comes,” Miller said, according to the FOP Facebook post, to media. “You can’t just stand by and listen to their cries. You have to do something.”

For this heroic and selfless act, Deputy Josh Miller was nominated and chosen as the February 2017 Jonesboro FOP Officer of the Month.

Photos and information from Jonesboro FOP Lodge 8 Facebook page.

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