Stranger suspected of living in a woman's home

JONESBORO, Ark. – A woman returned home to the eerie revelation someone had been staying in her home, Sunday, a report indicated.

Craighead County Sheriff’s Office took the strange report at about 6 p.m. Sunday on County Road 534. When Deputy James Watson arrived on the scene, he met with a woman who said she had received a phone call stating someone may have been staying in her residence. Although the detail was not expounded upon in the visible narrative of the report, presumably, this phone call was from a neighbor or nearby witness.

The woman told the officer she had been staying with her brother for medical reasons.

The deputy cleared the residence and didn’t locate anyone but several signs were found of a recent presence. Several items were moved from the bedroom to the living room, according to the woman. Food items were also left on the counter she stated had not been left out.

The door frame was damaged, although it had been damaged in the past, making it difficult to tell if it was the source of entry for any suspect.

Authorities are investigating the incident.

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