Police seek man accused of holding, shooting at woman

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – A woman went through a terrifying ordeal Wednesday in Jonesboro and the facts in the police report leave little doubt of a suspect who went too far.

Jonesboro police converged on the 6000-block of Prairie Meadow Drive in the early hours of the first day of February after frantic 911 call by the victim. The woman told dispatchers a man had a gun and wouldn’t let her leave. When she finally was able to get away, she said he went outside with the gun and actually shot the gun at her. There was a bullet hole inside of her car which seemed to verify her story.

Dispatchers told the woman to come to the police station for safety. Officers secured the residence and made contact by phone with the suspect, Demetrice Dasun Jenkins, 33, of Jonesboro. He said he would not return to the scene but would speak with officers by phone.

Officer Jason Chester called Jenkins and spoke with him, saying he was just riding around. Chester asked Jenkins if he had shot at the victim and according to the report, Jenkins became enraged, screaming he had not shot at her and he had “dropped the gun and it went off.” He then said he had been in the Army for six years and he had a “39 of 40 target.”

“If I had been shooting at that b*tch, she would of been dead,” the report says Jenkins exclaimed.

Chester told Jenkins they needed to meet so his side of the story could be obtained but Jenkins again began to yell, saying “I know what’s up. You got something extra for me!” He then said he wouldn’t meet and hung up on Chester.

However, a few minutes later, Chester’s phone rang and once again, it was Jenkins. He sounded completely calm, telling Chester he was going to contact a lawyer and asked if he could meet with police later Wednesday, Feb. 1.

Thus far, JPD has not been able to speak with Jenkins, as of the latest report Wednesday afternoon.

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