City: Employee is NOT still working for Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – A television report indicated a fired city employee had retained his job after an appeal but that is incorrect, according to a city spokesman.

Erick Woodruff, former director of information systems for the City of Jonesboro, was fired on Jan. 9 by the city. He later appealed that decision in an appeal heard Wednesday.

Following that,  Region 8 News reported Woodruff stated he was retaining his job with the city but the job title was uncertain. The portion of the report about the job title uncertainty was later removed.

However, this was not correct, according to City of Jonesboro’s Media Director, Bill Campbell.

Shortly after the report by the TV outlet, Campbell told NEA Report that Woodruff had not retained his job and was not presently working for the city, nor had he since his release. While Woodruff was being paid during his appeal process, Campbell called the story of his employment “not at all correct.”

What actually happened, Campbell said, was that Woodruff was initially fired without pay – but the mayor decided Wednesday that Woodruff would be paid until a ruling was made on the appeal.

Campbell said Mayor Perrin has 10 days following today to make a decision based on Woodruff’s employment.

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