Arson suspected in Monday house fire

JONESBORO, Ark. – A fully involved house fire in Jonesboro may have been set by someone, if authorities suspicions prove correct.

Alert Jonesboro Police Department officers, including Zach Kaja, were working an accident near 2405 High Street when they noticed smoke. Officers checked it out and found a home fully involved. The flames prevented Kaja from entering the residence, so he broke two windows and began yelling for anyone inside. He was told by a witness it was abandoned.

However, another witness said there had been one person at the house – but not living there. Instead, a suspect was seen running from the rear of the residence on the northwest side. A set of footprints were located, matching the direction the suspect was reportedly seen running in.

Jonesboro Fire Department Marshall Brian Carter showed up to take pictures of the footprints and investigate.

As authorities continued piecing together what happened, another witness said he was dropping his daughter off at Nettleton Public Schools when he noticed a white man in a tan coat and jeans leaving the area in a suspicious way. Police located the man and found his shoes did not match the footprints. He was released.

A second suspect was spotted running from the scene – a black male wearing jeans and a hat. Police are still looking for this individual. If you can assist them, contact Crimestoppers at 870-935-STOP.

The suspect faces a felony arson charge.

The residence, already abandoned, was being salvaged for scrap by the owner before it was destroyed Monday.

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