Woman cashes $500 check, gets $5,000 instead

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – While a woman may have felt like a real winner following a bank employee’s mistake, she could end up charged with a felony if she doesn’t give the money back.

On Dec. 23 at Centennial Bank, 211 East Washington Avenue in Jonesboro, a woman, Tessie Manning, 62, of Jonesboro, was cashing a $500 check in the main drive-thru line. Manning was employed as a caretaker and house cleaner for a woman who wrote the check to her.

While processing the check, a bank teller made an error and instead of giving $500, he gave her $5,000.

Manning left the drive-thru with the extra $4,500 – but not before security cameras captured the entire incident.

The bank reported catching the mistake later. They tried to contact her via phone six times but after leaving several messages, received no returned calls. On Dec. 27, the woman who employed Manning said she had stopped coming to work.

NEA Report attempted to contact the number provided by the bank but an answering machine, indicating landline service, picked up after several rings.

If Manning does not return the money, she could face a felony theft of property charge, covering money lost, mislaid, delivered by mistake.


  1. That’s wrong the Bank teller need to be fired and punished she/he need to be replaced. The one who gave out the money should have to payback.

  2. Charge her for what she didn’t make that mistake that bank teller did!! They wrong for this. I know that bank have insurance for this type of thing. Because they are not perfect.

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