Tip leads WRPD to make felony drug arrest

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – A tip from someone who had been arrested earlier in the evening led authorities to make an arrest for felony drug charges.

At 8:20 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 23, Captain Bubba Blackwood with Walnut Ridge Police Department conducted a probation search of Ron Hancock at the 600-block of West Poplar. Hancock had a search waiver on file and the probation officer was contacted, giving his approval.

Blackwood reported meeting Hancock, who admitted he had bought a gram of meth from a female driving a white car. The report says Hancock advised he gave the meth to a man called “Chance,” who lived down the road in a white house.

img_2051While searching his room, police found a piece of a meth pipe in a cigarette pack and a red tooter straw with meth residue. An Aleve bottle with pieces of clear glassy substances was found under the mattress. The report states Hancock said that is what he carries meth in. A roll of foil was also located, along with a plastic baggie with meth residue.

Hancock was transported to Lawrence County Jail. He faces felony charges including possession of meth and possession of meth paraphernalia.

Photo from WRPD; Mug from LCSD

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