SIS search leads to two meth arrests

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – Two suspects spent the Thanksgiving weekend behind bars for suspected possession of meth.

At 10:40 a.m. Saturday morning. Nov. 26, Captain Bubba Blackwood with Walnut Ridge Police Department conducted an SIS search at the residence of Brandin Bishop, at the 400-block of NW Sixth Street in Walnut Ridge. Bishop met Blackwood on the porch and after a discussion, according to Blackwood, admitted he would fail a drug test for meth.

A female came from the bathroom area, identified as Misty Bishop (Robinson), and reportedly told Blackwood that she, too, could not pass a drug test. She said, however, that the couple only did meth when their children were away and they had money.

Misty advised Blackwood of a syringe with meth inside of it in the bathroom, just prior to his search. The female showed Blackwood where the single syringe was located.

Both the two were arrested and taken to Lawrence County Jail on felony charges of possession of drug paraphernalia

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