Intruder walks into Hoxie mayor’s home; arrested

HOXIE, Ark. – While Hoxie Mayor Lanny Tinker was at his home Tuesday morning, a startling incident took place.

A man walked into their home without permission. And the incident only gets crazier.

Tinker’s wife, Lida, encountered the stranger who entered the home. She questioned the intruder, according to Tinker, and the suspect said he was looking for the Dollar General store – then he exited.

The Hoxie mayor called Police Chief Glenn Smith, who arrived in a few short minutes. Smith went looking for the man and got into a chase with him in a stolen car. The suspect pulled a loaded gun, according to reports, and pointed it at the chief. However, the Hoxie Police Chief showed restraint and instead arrested him. 

12529148_g“This is the kind of bravery you don’t see on national television of split second decisions in which law enforcement puts their lives on the line to protect citizens and yes, sometimes, the bad guys,” Tinker wrote. “I am extremely proud and even more thankful that Chief Glenn Smith is the leader of our police department and gives his heroic effort to keep Hoxie residents safe.”

Smith broke his hand during the pursuit.

The suspect, Andrew Tate, pictured, was arrested.

Featured photo by Thomas R Machnitzki


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