Trash takes toll on landscapes in Craighead

JONESBORO, Ark. – Much of Jonesboro is a beautiful, clean city but even in the largest community in NEA, there are neighborhoods with trash problems.

On Highway 141 and North Church Street, some lots are littered with garbage like the one shown in the featured photo. Ditches and sides of streets in the area have many trash-filled spots, as well.

On Loberg Lane, by the Oaklawn Cemetery, garbage fills ditches at a regular pace, with some illegally dumping a mattress near a memorial site just a few months ago. 

In rural Craighead County, dumping is often much worse. Trash by the bag-full can be found in some ditches and deputies with Craighead County Sheriff’s Department are sometimes the only ones to clean up the mess. Investigators will investigate all sites for identification and make responsible parties clean up their own mess, if they can find them. On Oct. 26, someone dumped a tan sofa/couch on County Road 150, approximately 1/4 mile south of State Highway 230. Little could be done to trace it back to its owner.

Some try to dispose of garbage by means harmful to the environment – not to mention illegal. On Oct. 29, a man was discovered burning 50-60 tires – some with rims still on – in a pile on County Road 444 by the Valley View Fire Department. A pickup truck fled the scene at a high rate of speed when approached by responders.

dscn3491The Legacy Landfill offers disposal options which are free for residents of Jonesboro and inexpensive for residents of Craighead County. If the material is coming from your home inside the City limits of Jonesboro, and you don’t have any kind of construction or remodeling materials, then there is no charge.

If the material is construction/remodeling, (even if it is from your residence), or if it is from a business or out in the county, then there will be charges as follows:
Minimum charge: 

$11.00 plus 7.5% sales tax for less than 600 pounds
$36.75 plus 7.5% sales tax per ton

For tires, each licensed driver in Craighead County may bring up to four passenger tires per month to the landfill for disposal at no charge. For more than four, there is a charge of $2 per tire.

Businesses must pay for all tires disposed at the following rate:

  • Passenger Tires – $2/each
  • Truck Tires – $5.75/each
  • Specialty Tires – $15/each

For more information on the Legacy Landfill, visit their website. 

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