Facebook fist-fight could lead to charges

JONESBORO, Ark. – Just after 11 a.m. Monday on Marshall Street in Jonesboro, all hell broke loose.

One woman had her phone in hand as the scene went down and broadcasted it live. The scene begins with several women screaming at each other, although it isn’t sure what the reasons are.

It became a little more clear after a report was filed with Jonesboro Police Department. In the report, one of the women, Jasmine Davis told police she was at a residence with several others when two unidentified females came into their yard and started cursing at them and antagonizing them. Then, the two unidentified women started to punch and fight with the others.

Another one of the residents, Verna Collins, said the fight started because of a Facebook post about two weeks ago.

However, it was a Facebook post on Monday that captured almost the entire ordeal live – and it wasn’t pretty.


In the video, which doesn’t include many moments without extensive use of profanity including by the user recording, several women appear in the street shouting at several other women inside of their yard.

The video goes on for a while, with the women seeming to psyche themselves up. While cursing, several point fingers in each others faces. The fights seems to begin when one of the agitated women gets angry at being recorded.

Several fights begin around the 3:00 mark in the video. Within a few short seconds, one of the women’s breasts are exposed. A larger woman then gets on top of one of the agitated women and, in full-mount, sits on her for several minutes. The woman is unable to move. At the same time, two others are fighting around them.

Finally, around the 9:00 mark, the woman who is being sat on gets up. With her chest fully exposed and her seemingly care-free about the matter, she demands “hands up.”

Several of those involved in this could be hearing “hands up” from authorities, though. JPD was called to take a report and observed injuries on several of the victims. However, because of the difficult nature at the time to determine who had begun the fight, everyone was listed as a potential suspect of third degree battery, a misdemeanor charge.

If you can help JPD identify who the unknown women were, it might help. Call 935-STOP.

The video is below but caution – it contains heavy use of profanity and some moments of nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.

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