Man looks out window to see his truck being stolen

JONESBORO, Ark. – This is not the way anyone wants to end their weekend.

Just after midnight Sunday, on Craighead County Road 7743, a caller told the 911 dispatcher he heard a truck start in his driveway and his wife looked outside to see it brake lights from the truck which was leaving the driveway. This is according to a Craighead County Sheriff’s Department report.

The stolen truck is a 2004 Dodge Dakota, black in color, with Arkansas tags 273-TTW. It has been entered into NCIC.

The man got in his truck to try to follow it, but all he could see was a dust trail.

The car thief went through his other vehicle too, but couldn’t find anything to steal. Evidently, that’s when he took the black Dakota, instead.

If you see the truck or know who might have committed the deed, contact CCSD.

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