Greene Co. officer takes the lawn into his own hands

OAK GROVE HEIGHTS, Ark. – A few photos by an observant young lady have people across NEA giving an officer of the law a big pat on the back.

Hayley Vowell of Oak Grove Heights wrote on Facebook on Thursday she was driving down Highway 358 when she came across this man mowing an elderly lady’s yard for her. As nice as the gesture was, the photo shows even more.


“Now if you’ll pay close attention, you’ll notice that he’s in uniform,” Vowell wrote on Facebook. “This is a Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy who stopped to take his time to mow this lady’s yard.”

With the yard grown up and several hills to climb, the job was clearly going to challenge the woman. However, GCSD Deputy John Jenkins stepped in and made it a much nicer afternoon for the lady.

“With all the hate in this world I feel like he deserves some recognition,” Vowell wrote. “So thank you Officer John Jenkins for stopping and taking your time to show compassion for others. I don’t know you personally. I had to stop by the sheriff’s office to get your information. What a wonderful human being. This woman is somebody’s mother. As someone’s daughter, I appreciate this.”

Photos taken by Briana Wicker

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