Lawrence County Quorum Court to meet Tuesday about judge

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – The vacancy left by late County Judge Dale Freeman must be filled and Tuesday, September 26, the Lawrence County Quorum Court will meet to make a decision, according to Justice of the Peace Lloyd Clark.

The appointment will be to fill the position for the remainder of the term, which is only through this year.

The Lawrence County Democratic Party will meet Thursday night, Sept. 22, to nominate a replacement for the November ballot, as Freeman had been the Democratic Party’s nominee from a contested primary election.

With no Republican opponent having filed in time, the nominee of the party Thursday is virtually guaranteed to win the election. The ballots will still state “Dale Freeman,” according to the clerk’s office. However, per Arkansas law, the individual chosen to replace Freeman on the ballot will only be able to serve one term in the role of county judge.

Still, a county judge is needed for the remainder of 2016, and the quorum court hopes to resolve that next week.

Freeman passed away Saturday from injuries in an automobile accident.

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