Exceptional 5-year-old makes a big impression at pageant

BATESVILLE, Ark. – While pageants normally showcase girls, restrictions didn’t stop one amazing little boy from stealing the hearts of everyone in attendance over the weekend.

The Exceptional Abilities Pageant was held in Batesville on Saturday, Sept. 3, showcasing beauty and talent from those with any types of special needs and from all corners of NEA and abroad. While there were many warm stories and special moments created at the event, one seemed to garner a great deal of attention on social media.

Over 10,000 viewers and counting have been logged on the video below of Hunter Molencupp. He is a 5-year-old boy from Pocahontas and has a rare syndrome called femoral hypoplasia unusual facies syndrome, according to his mother, Barbara Molencupp.

It could not stop him from making a wondrous impression on everyone in attendance and likely, anyone who sees the video.

Before the live crowd, Hunter courageously sang “Holy” by Florida Georgia Line at the pageant. The ovation at the end of the song makes it hard not to be emotional, but the delight on the young boy’s face made it that much more special.

“He was very happy, after,” His mother, Barbara, told NEA Report.

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  1. I am the founder of this pageant! We are always thrilled to have Hunter entertain for us!! He’s such a joy! And to watch his growth and improvement each year is so awesome!! We love our Hunter!

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