Refund or waiver? Walnut Ridge gives residents option

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – Residents of Walnut Ridge and those who have lived in the city in the prior three years have a decision to make: to take a refund of the fire protection fee or to waive the refund in support of the fire department and the city.

According to the City’s Facebook page, both forms can be picked up at city hall but are also available below, if one chooses to print the form at home and fill it out.

Form one is a waiver for the fire fee refund.

In the event you want to show support for the fire department and city and not take your fire fee refund, you MUST fill out this waiver and return to city hall. If you have multiple meters in the same name, one form can be used. You cannot opt out of the refund, but you can waive it. With a signed waiver that portion of the refund money will be put back to use in a week to ten days, by the city and fire department.

Form two is a refund form for the fire fee.

Print it off, or pick one up at city hall to request the refund. One form can be used for multiple meters, under the same name. Once the form is filled out, return it to city hall. It will likely take a week to ten days for a check to be processed and the city will notify you when you can pick up the check, according to the post.

The City is asking residents to be patient with staff members who will be very busy working on these matters. 

The post also noted College City is a rural fire district and refunds do not apply for College City residents. This refund will also not apply to Hoxie or Lawrence County water service areas – only Walnut Ridge.




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