The candidates for municipal office in Lawrence County

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – Three City Council seats are being contested in the first election to determine representatives of the newly consolidated Walnut Ridge since the election with College City in May.

Several races are also contested in Hoxie.

Candidates for Office in Walnut Ridge

Walnut Ridge, City Clerk: Sharon Davis Henson

Alderman, W1 P1: Wendell S Jones
Alderman, W1 P2: W. Dale Leatherman, Allen Smith
Alderman, W2 P1: Everett Hart
Alderman, W2 P2: Anthony Pinkston
Alderman, W3, P1: Daniel Abbott, Trent Kirksey
Alderman, W3, P2: Jon Walter
Alderman, W4 P1: Rob Combs
Alderman, W4 P2: Larry Abbott, Peggy Coker Maryman

Candidates for Office in Hoxie

Alderman, W1 P1: Wayne Callahan, Sherry A. Moore
Alderman, W1 P2: Tim Taylor, Tommy Kingsland
Alderman, W2 P1: Juanita Viola Madden, Larry Couch, Mary E. Ditto
Alderman, W2 P2: Kerrie Hancock, Russell Barber
Alderman, W3 P1: Becky Linebaugh
Alderman, W3 P2: Jerry Decker

Candidates for Office in Imboden

Alderman, P1: Preston Clark
Alderman, P2: Rebecca Jones
Alderman, P3: Dan Matthews
Alderman, P4: Joseph Chappell
Alderman, P5: Creston Hutton

Candidates For Office in Ravenden

Alderman, P1: Betty J Clements
Alderman, P2: Debby Baldridge
Alderman, P3: Larry “Butch” Dail
Alderman, P4: Dannie D. Smith

Candidates For Office in Black Rock

Alderman, W1 P1: Gayle Brock, Vesta Smith
Alderman, W2 P1: Pat Roby, Jr
Alderman, W2 P2: Linda Robertson

Candidates for Office in Minturn

Alderman, P1: Jason Tinker
Alderman, P2: Gary Light
Alderman, P4: John Erik Hearnes
Alderman, P5: Steve Light

Candidates for Office in Sedgwick

Alderman, P2: Beverly Fowler

Candidates for Office in Lynn

Alderman, P2: Sammy Blevins, Jr
Alderman, P3: Randy Glenn
Alderman, P4: Danny Morgan
Alderman, P5: Larry Vance

Candidates for Office in Alicia

Alderman P1: Correne Lawson
Alderman P2: Tonia Rowland
Alderman P3: Jolene Shell
Alderman P5: William Teague

Candidates for Office in Portia

Alderman P1: Steven Lee
Alderman P3: Julie Jones
Alderman P4: Tim Allison
Alderman P5: Elizabeth A. Milligan

No filings for Powhatan, Smithville, Strawberry
Read the list provided to NEA Report by the Lawrence County Clerk’s Office here: 2016 Municipal Filings1

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