Freeman critical, but "still fighting"

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Lawrence County Judge Dale Freeman is nothing if not a fighter and according to his wife, he’s showing his toughness in a Little Rock hospital as of Thursday morning.

NEA Report spoke with Freeman’s wife at 9:45 a.m. Thursday, who said he was still in the intensive care unit of Baptist Memorial Hospital in Little Rock. She said he was in critical condition but his vital signs are still stable.

Plans are for surgery to take place today on his neck area. Freeman suffered a broken neck in a car accident Wednesday near Cabot. The accident was described by several as “bad” and “serious.”

The family has asked for prayers.


  1. Judge Freeman has always been known to help out those in need! If our prayers help then we need every prayer warrior in the region to do just that! Thank you for the updates on him. He is a good man, and if circumstances were reversed, he would be doing all he could to help out!!!

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