Pizza delivery driver robbed in Jonesboro

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JONESBORO, Ark. – While one man tried to make an honest living delivering pizzas Wednesday night, another pulled a gun and robbed him.

Jonesboro Police Officer Nathan Ivy was working a traffic stop at State Street and Johnson Avenue when a Papa John’s deliver driver pulled up and told him he had been robbed while delivering a pizza to an apartment complex at 1815 Self Circle.

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“Give me the money,” the victim recalled the robber telling him. “Where’s the money chief?”

The driver told the officers three men sitting outside saw the entire incident happen. The terrified victim even asked them to use a phone and they refused, he said, but the men claimed they did not see anything, when the officer approached them.

Jonesboro police are investigating the incident but believe the suspect may have been a juvenile previously arrested for robbing pizza delivery drivers at gunpoint earlier in the year.


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