Lawrence County JP resigns to take position with sheriff's department

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – One of the more vocal JPs from the raucous Quorum Court meeting earlier in June is resigning to keep order in the courtroom, officially.

Justice of the Peace Jim Jones resigned Tuesday afternoon, several county sources told NEA Report. County Judge Dale Freeman said it was expected, as Jones had informed him he wanted to work as bailiff at the sheriff’s department and could not draw two county checks.

Freeman said a replacement will have to be selected. He said his personal recommendation would be to see Hoxie Police Chief Glenn Smith fill out the vacant seat.

Jones threatened to walk out of the previous quorum court meeting and actually made a motion to adjourn, before stating the group would not conduct itself like children.

Freeman said Jones’ resignation was not affected by the previous activity at the quorum court meeting. He said Jones simply wanted to work as a bailiff and could not work in both roles.

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