Ravenden standoff ends peacefully Monday

RAVENDEN, Ark. – A stand-off with an armed man who even fired a shot ended much more fortunately than it could have just after midnight Monday.

Chief Tim McComas of the Ravenden Police Department told NEA Report sometime after 11:30 p.m. Sunday night, a citizen called him on his cell phone, telling him a man had crashed into the caller’s front yard and was stuck. Not only that, the driver appeared to be intoxicated and was “laying on the horn.”

“I stayed on the phone with the boy,” McComas described. “When I arrived down there, the boy said, ‘Hey, I think this guy’s got a gun in his hand.'”

McComas stopped on the drive to the yard to get his rifle equipped.

He was intoxicated, being stupid. – Chief Tim McComas

While the chief of police was responding, the suspect reportedly got out of his truck and tossed beer cans around the front yard. He even flipped off a man nearby.

“As I got out, he fired a round off,” McComas said. “He was still in his truck. I finally got him talked into throwing his gun out the window and we took him into custody without incident. He was intoxicated, being stupid.”

The man was in custody at 12:03 a.m., the chief said.

David Charles Bradley, of Ravenden, faces charges including felony aggravated assault and


felony terroristic act for firing his gun. The bullet was caught in the car door, the chief said, but aimed in the direction of an occupied home. McComas said it could have been deadly.

Bradley was before Judge Adam Weeks on Monday, having a cash bond set of $35,000. He remains in Lawrence County Jail.

“I’ve dealt with him before,” McComas said.

Arkansas State Police and Lawrence County deputies also responded to the scene.

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