Motel Parking Lot Fight Leads to Arrest for Suspected Drug Dealing

JONESBORO, Ark. – Over the weekend, police arrested two individuals, one of them on suspected drug dealing charges, after breaking up a fight in a motel parking lot.

The incident occurred around 12:08 AM on November 4 at the 2900-block of Phillips Drive. Officer Jacob Lowry, on patrol, noticed two people engaged in a heated altercation in the parking lot, shouting at each other. He approached the two men and inquired about the situation. They claimed they were there to purchase cigarettes, but further investigation revealed that one of the men had an outstanding failure to appear (FTA) warrant and was subsequently arrested.

The individual arrested on the FTA warrant was identified as Monte Clinton Franklin, 54, of Jonesboro.

The second individual involved in the fight was on probation but ended up not being arrested.

However, law enforcement’s involvement didn’t end there. Officers conducted a probation search of a hotel room at the location. Following these events, a more significant arrest was made. Justice Erica Larence, 29, also from Jonesboro, was arrested on charges of possession of a schedule I or II substance (not meth or cocaine) with the purpose to deliver. Additionally, she faces charges of possession of a schedule IV or V substance with the purpose to deliver. A misdemeanor charge for possession of a schedule VI substance with the purpose to deliver was also recorded.

The police report says that officers found a glass jar with marijuana inside, a clear bag with 17 pills that the arrestee acknowledged to be “X” (ecstasy), and multiple other pills recognized as Alprazolam. JPD’s PIO Sally Smith told NEA Report the drugs were found inside of a purse laying in front of Larence.

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