Blytheville’s Dixie Pig BBQ Restaurant Unfazed by Weekend Car Crash; Reopens for Business

Photo Source: Blytheville Police Department

BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. — A vehicle crashed into the Dixie Pig BBQ Restaurant over the weekend, but the century-old local legend wasn’t deterred. The incident occurred on August 26 when a white BMW plowed into the restaurant’s front wall.

Photo Source: Dixie Pig, Via Facebook

Two occupants of the vehicle were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, according to police. The restaurant was closed at the time of the crash, averting what could have been a much more severe incident.

Photo Source: Dixie Pig, Via Facebook

The restaurant management was determined to continue business as usual, assessing the damage and posting updates over the weekend to their social media page. By Sunday, repairs were made both inside and outside the establishment, and the dining room was cleaned.

On Monday, the restaurant reopened at 11 a.m., announcing its return with a poetic touch on its Facebook page.

In a restaurant of barbecue delights,
A car went rogue, causing quite the fright.
Through the wall it crashed, with a thunderous thud,
Sending brick and debris up in a flood.
With the pit unscathed, perched away from the debris,
Bob fired it up, lighting the fire with glee.
Tossing on fresh pig, to be cooked to perfection,
The Dixie Pig took on a daring resurrection.
So, raise your Pig Sandwiches high, in a toast sincere,
To the BMW that crashed through wall, right over here.
For it brought us together, in a unique way,
And didn’t stop the Dixie Pigs legendary BBQ array.
Doors will open at 11am so come eat!

The Dixie Pig BBQ, originally founded in 1923 according to their page, showed resilience and community spirit, reminding everyone that it takes more than a car crash to keep a Blytheville icon down.

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