Authorities raid home in Sage Meadows for drugs

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JONESBORO, Ark. – A search warrant executed this week in Jonesboro resulted in numerous arrests for suspected drug activity.

It happened between 3 PM and 5:30 PM on March 29 (Wednesday) at 4217 Lochmoor Circle in the Sage Meadows subdivision of Jonesboro. The incident report, released by JPD, says that a search warrant was executed at the residence.

Police reported finding 15.4 grams of meth in plastic bags (street value estimated $1,540) as well as 40 green Xanax bars and marijuana. Authorities also located two boxes containing plastic bags and containers which they felt were related. In addition, several firearms were in the home, including an AR-10, a break action shotgun, and a muzzle loader.

In total, the police report said five people were arrested at the residence following the raid: Colton W. Bushong, 30; Chelsea Hayden Mitchell, 24; Leslie Mitchell, 44, and Reddi Parker, 42 all of Jonesboro. The report lists charges including possession of meth and the other drugs with intent to deliver as well as simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms.

A fifth person, 19, was issued a citation for possession of marijuana.

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Much of the investigative narrative remains masked but neighbors took photos and video as it unfolded on Wednesday and sent it to NEA Report. One nearby resident told NEA Report that the raid did not come as a surprise and that police had been called about suspicious activity there before.


  1. This is false Abagail weave did not get arrested . That is my daughter and she is at home and I need one of y’all to get a hold of me asap

    • The police report lists her as an arrestee – but she wasn’t listed as an inmate in the jail, so there legitimately may possibly have been a mistake. I have reached out to JPD to hopefully get this clarified. If you could, please email so we may communicate directly.

  2. To provide more information for anyone reading, she was cited and released, which police consider arrested, but only for possession of marijuana. She was not taken into custody or booked in jail.

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