Numerous vehicle break-ins reported in Jonesboro

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – Several vehicle break-ins were reported recently in Jonesboro with some involving felony theft, police reports released on Monday showed.

One such report indicated between 5:30 AM on January 19 and 7:30 AM on January 20, tools were stolen from the bed of a truck parked at a residence at the 1100-block of S. Madison Street. Two orange Stihl concrete saws, valued at $2,400 total, were stolen, along with another saw.

Another report indicated between 10 PM on January 19 and 6 AM on January 20, a suspect stole items from a victim’s vehicle at the 600-block of Dogwood Lane. A DeWalt drill and battery, and other items, were stolen.

A firearm was stolen out of a vehicle trunk between 4:30 PM January 19 and 10 AM January 20 at the 600-block of West Cherry Avenue. It was a Masterpiece Arms “Mac 10” 9mm.

A license plate was reported stolen off of a vehicle at the 3300-block of E. Nettleton Avenue (Shadrach’s) between January 16 and January 20.

Between 9 PM January 19 and 5:30 AM on January 20, power tools were taken from a toolbox on a truck at the 1400-block of Redbud Circle.

Sometime after 3 AM on January 21 at Cavanaugh Hyundai, a suspect entered a vehicle and damaged the ignition cluster. The suspect may have been attempting to hotwire the vehicle and steal it. Several thefts have been reported from this location.

Between midnight and 1:54 PM on January 21 at the 1700-block of Bittle Street, a suspect stole cell phones from a victim’s vehicle.

Another vehicle break-in happened between 6 PM on January 20 and 5:30 PM January 21 at the 2900-block of Driftwood Lane, where a suspect broke into a van and stole several items.

Anyone with any information about these incidents may submit a tip online to police here.

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